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 on: August 13, 2017, 09:54:59 AM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters
Hollisa Alewine ~ The Creation Gospel
1 hr ·
Where do wisdom and prophecy lead us?

Wisdom was asked, “What is the punishment of one who sins?” Wisdom answered, “Evil pursues the wicked.”

Prophecy was asked, “What is the punishment of one who sins?” Prophecy answered, “The soul that does wrong shall perish.”

The Holy One was asked, “What is the punishment of the one who sins?” He answered, “Let him repent and he will be forgiven.”- Yerushalmi, Makkot 2:6

It is not surprising that the world is evil. It is surprising that not more Torah-keepers focus on teaching truth with compassion. "But go and learn what this means: ‘I DESIRE COMPASSION, AND NOT SACRIFICE,’ for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." (Mt 9:13)

You can criticize the wicked and terrify yourself with prophecy, or you can invite a sinner to the Shabbat table. If he comes, then plant the seed of the Word that leads to repentance.

Now you know why the custom is to read Jonah every Yom HaKippurim, the Day of Coverings. Sacrifice, fear and punishment are trumped by compassion, repentance, and forgiveness. Love covers and prevents a multitude of sins.

 on: August 09, 2017, 02:10:25 PM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters
Tyler Dawn Rosenquist
5 hrs ·
(FYI, I have to address some disturbing questions I am getting in my email, so you may or may not want to read all of this.)
Popping on to let you know that my new book is now available on Amazon in Canada and Europe, earliest release ever, but not in Australia yet. If you are in the US, you can take advantage of their **sale price** - which they generally do a few days after release but I am not sure how long it will last as I have no say in the matter. Just FYI, there seems to be some confusion based on some questions I am getting from ladies. This is not a book that will discuss Biblical sex - this is a book that explains a lot of the confusing situations in the Bible that involve things like sexual crimes, like why did Peter call Lot righteous when Lot offered his daughters to a rape gang and was Dinah actually raped and does God really want women to marry their rapist. This is a sociology and ancient near eastern context book designed to help people defend God and His Word against the often leveled charge that He is a moral monster and that His Word sanctions abuse against women - I am not a slightly taller Dr. Ruth. Some of you ladies have some nasty husbands who evidently don't mind asking and pressuring you to do things that you feel are demeaning and degrading. Ladies, if your marriage bed feels defiled because your husband is pressuring you to behave like a prostitute, then it is defiled - you have a right for sex to be mutual and elevated. You have a right to be treated like daughters of the King, you are worthy of respect, and you don't exist for the sole purpose of giving your husband exotic thrills. What he is asking you to do might not be spelled out in Scripture as forbidden, but the commandment to love your neighbor is there and it goes both ways - if he is pressuring you to "love him" in a way that causes you to feel unloved, well, that is just not cool. If his primary concern is about his pleasure, then there is a problem and he is breaking the commandment to love you, and his vow to honor and respect you if that was in the marriage vows. The questions I am getting are literally breaking my heart - sex should not be a source of anguish and stress in a marriage.
Anyway, wrote 8,700 words yesterday, which is like a record for me. Since a big part of this book, half of it actually, will be teaching kids about their lifelong ministry of being conformed to the character of Messiah, I am actually in sort of a Fruit of the Spirit boot camp and learning a lot. Writing a chapter this morning on "How do we love God when we are angry with Him?" Well, you know I don't pull my punches, not even with kids - they get angry at God too and deserve to have it acknowledged.

 on: August 08, 2017, 06:57:09 AM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters
Yeshua 'Revisited'
Part 7
I thought it would behoove us to spend some quality time in the 17th chapter of Yochanan as we finish with YHVH's name in the Brit Chadashah. This is a most peculiar chapter and is probably the text which contains the actual 'Lord's prayer'. The chapter begins with the scriptural way of praying. Yahshua "lifts up his eyes to heaven" and says;

Yochanan 17:1 - 3
"Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son may glorify thee. As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou has given him. And this is life eternal, that they might KNOW thee, the only true 'Elohiym, and Yahshua Mashiach, whom thou hast sent."

There is so much here that it is difficult to stick with the main subject. The Father has given the Son power (authority) over all flesh, we are told. What does He mean? Well, the Son has inherited all that He has from the Father. Remember that the NAME and the authority go hand in hand. We will see this clearly in the rest of the text. There is nothing that the Son has that He did not get from the Father. The Father's ways are the Son's ways. The Father's laws are the Son's laws. The justice of the Father is passed down to the Son. His mercy is inherited by the first born Son. The instructions (Torah) of the Father are now in the Son. These are the explicit signs of the Messiah given throughout the Tenakh. If He speaks not according to the law and the testimony, then there is no light in him, if I may draw logically from Yesha'yahu 8:20.

In this prayer, Yahshua is going to pray that all those whom the Father has given Him will be KEPT in His name. The Son will teach His bridegroom all that His Father has taught Him. So let's carefully read the revelation of all those that 'know' the true God and His Messiah.

Yochanan 17:6 - 7
"I have manifested thy NAME unto the men whom thou gavest me out of the world; thine they were, and thou gavest them to me, and they have KEPT thy WORD. Now they have known that all things, whatever thou hast given me, are of thee."

The word 'manifest' is taken from the Greek word, phaneroo. This word means to make plain, to make known, to appear. He is simply saying that He has made known the Father's name to all those whom the Father has given Him out of this world. The NAME of the Father is verified by the WORKS that the Son has done. This is previously mentioned in verse 4. There was a movie several years ago starring Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn. The name of it escapes me. The gist of the plot was that these two were writers and great friends for quite some time. After closely working together they began to fall in love. At one point in the movie they both go to visit his parents. Goldie now gets to meet Burt's father. As she watches the two interact, she notices that Burt is just like his father. There is one scene in which she observes Burt and his dad eating breakfast at the table. As the two sat doing what is routine for both of them, she watches them duplicate each others movements down to the smallest detail. Not only did Burt have his father's name, but the evidence that he was indeed this man's son was manifested in his behavior. So, the prayer of Yahshua begins with the revelation that He has revealed the Father's NAME. The evidence that these 'men' belonged to the Father is that they KEPT His word. This is why the true people of YHVH are called, THE CHILDREN OF 'ELOHIYM! 'Follow me as I follow the Father", Yahshua might say. There is a direct association here with the NAME, keeping His words, and behavior. Yahshua tells us in verse 7, that it is because of the maintaining of the NAME and the subsequent keeping of His words that they KNOW that these things come from the Father. The dominant teaching of modern 'Christianity' presents theologically, a SON who looks and acts NOTHING like His Father.

Yochanan 17:8
"For I have given unto them the WORDS which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me."

This is the testimony of the very first chapter of Yochanan. The Word of the Father, given to mankind from the beginning, passed down from one generation to the next. This Word takes upon flesh and dwells among us. It is this Word that is received, that we might become the children of 'Elohiym.

Yochanan 1:12
"But as many as RECEIVED Him, to them gave He authority to become the children of 'Elohiym, even to them that believe on His NAME."

Here we go again. A direct contextual relationship between His word, His name, and being the children of 'Elohiym. Let's look some more at this prayer.

Yochanan 17:11
"And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own NAME those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are."

What makes the true children of 'Elohiym one is that they are kept in His NAME and they keep His word and depart from iniquity. It is Torah and only Torah that defines what is iniquity and what is not.

2 Timothy 2:19
"Nevertheless, the foundation of 'Elohiym standeth sure, having this seal, YHVH knows them that are His; and, Let every one that NAMETH THE NAME of Messiah depart from iniquity."

It appears that the God of Israel has somewhat of an obsession with His name, don't you think?

Yochanan 17:12
"While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy NAME; those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled."

Perhaps it is possible that this prayer and it's recurring theme of His name and authority mean exactly what they say. It could be possible that when Yahshua leaves and the Ruach HaQodesh comes, that He too will keep the NAME of the Father and His words as well.

Yochanan 14:26
"But the Comforter, who is the Ruach HaQodesh, whom the Father will send in my NAME, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatever I have said unto you."

It is this writers opinion that the Father's opinion of His name and His authority has not changed.

Yochanan 17:26
"And I have declared unto them thy NAME, and WILL declare it, that the love with which thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them."

The constant theme of this fervent prayer unto YHVH concerns the keeping of those who belong to Him in His NAME and all that goes with that NAME. You can take YHVH at his word here, or you can spiritualize these words into an allegorical landfill. But you can be assured that you will give an account for it in the end. One of the characteristics of the 'church' at Pergamum in Hitgalut 2:13, is the maintaining of the Messiah's name.

"I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's throne is; and thou holdest fast my NAME, and hast not denied my faith. . ."

The church at Philadelphia maintains the continuity and partnership of His name and keeping Torah. I would suggest that if you really desire to be identified with this church that you read carefully these words:

Hitgalut 3:8
"I know thy works; behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hast a little strength, and hast KEPT my WORD, and hast not denied my NAME."

Perhaps it would behoove us to stop asking people if they 'read' their Bible every day and start asking them if they are 'hearing' their Bible every day. The idea of the relevance of 'names' continues with the mark of the beast.

Hitgalut 13:17
"And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the NAME of the beast, or the number of his NAME."

It is more than just fascinating to me that myriads of books have been written in the pursuit of identifying the NAME of the 'antichrist', with little or no interest in the NAME of our Father. As far as the 'beast' is concerned, the name is an obsession with many. As far as the God of Israel is concerned, 'well, what difference does it make?' One might take the time to peruse the scriptures that warn us about the polluting or profaning of the name of YHVH, and compare that with the scriptures concerning the name of the beast. Should we be more concerned with the name that is written on OUR foreheads, or the name that is written on the foreheads of those who choose to forsake the God of Israel?

Hitgalut 17:5

Those who have chosen to follow the MOTHER OF HARLOTS also have a name. They will have the same name she has and will do HER works and follow HER words. We have discussed Babylon quite a bit in past lessons. But in a nutshell, this is a religious institution that has mixed (the meaning of the word Babylon) the ways of YHVH with the ways of the nations. These are those who, while claiming that Jesus was the Christ (Mattityahu 24:5), changed the sabbaths, the festivals and the laws by mixing them with the 'sabbaths', festivals, and laws of the pagan nations. So, no matter what they are proclaiming with their mouths, the name written on their foreheads is synonymous with that which they have chosen to follow. Can you think of a large world religion that has changed the Sabbath, changed the feasts, and cast away Torah, and yet still professes to be the true church of God?

Hitgalut 22:3 - 4
"And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of 'Elohiym and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall serve him; And they shall see his face, and his NAME shall be in their foreheads."

They who have His NAME in their foreheads are those who, in verse 14 of the same chapter, obey his commandments. The authority of His word and His name are consistently the characteristics of those who are the true children of 'Elohiym.

We have traced throughout both covenants how YHVH views His own name. I would like to spend the last part of this series discussing what we KNOW about the etymology of the name of YHVH and the name of the Messiah. I will also address an obvious critical issue, a question that would logically come from those steeped in 'Christian' doctrine. "So does that mean that those who have been using the wrong name for thousands of years, are all going to hell?" Stay tuned for more secrets of the universe!

Shalom Alecheim!

 on: August 06, 2017, 02:25:10 PM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters

Researcher gives seal of approval to 53 biblical characters’ existenceLawrence Mykytiuk looks for ancient personalities who have made an impression — be it on a signet ring or a monument


 on: August 06, 2017, 08:10:03 AM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters

Mark of the Beast or Seal of the Feasts

Can We Leave the Gates Open on Shabbat and High Sabbaths?

Shabbat and the High Sabbaths of the moedim provide a seamless connection between the six days of work and the Seven.  In a fallen world, the gates must be closed in order to stop the fires of commerce from burning within.  Review Nehemiah 10, and the precedent for the thematic sevens of Revelation are presented with the problem of Shabbat commerce. 

The mark of the beast in Revelation is one that strikes fear even in the hearts of many believers.  They fear that without some visible mark, they will not be able to buy or sell...at all.  The precedent, however, is more sensible and based on a moed as old as Genesis One:  six days to work and a Shabbat.

Nehemiah notes and reprimands the Sabbath-breaking workers and merchants:

In those days I saw in Judah some who were treading wine presses on the sabbath, and bringing in sacks of grain and loading them on donkeys, as well as wine, grapes, figs and all kinds of loads, and they brought them into Jerusalem on the sabbath day. So I admonished them on the day they sold food. (Nehemiah 13:15)

Then I reprimanded the nobles of Judah and said to them, 'What is this evil thing you are doing, by profaning the sabbath day?' (17)

Nehemiah still has a problem.  The Sabbath-breakers simply will not cease from their commerce!  Hearts have not changed.  His solution:

It came about that just as it grew dark at the gates of Jerusalem before the sabbath, I commanded that the doors should be shut and that they should not open them until after the sabbath. Then I stationed some of my servants at the gates so that no load would enter on the sabbath day. (19)

And I commanded the Levites that they should purify themselves and come as gatekeepers to sanctify the sabbath day. For this also remember me, O my God, and have compassion on me according to the greatness of Your lovingkindness. (22)

In order to stop the unholy mixture of six working days bleeding into Shabbat, the Levites had to become gatekeepers of Jerusalem.  The six and the seven are consecutive and have a relationship to one another, but they are not identical.  They are knit together, yet separate!  Six is the number of preparation, but seven is the number of celebration in completion. The fabric of the week is beautifully seamless, yet set-apart to achieve the holiness in unity. 

Nehemiah reiterates the holiness of Shabbat to the Jews, reminding them that it is not a day to buy and sell.  John's symbolism of the 6s and 7s in Revelation is a repetition of this warning, and John's woe to the merchants of Babylon is even longer and more detailed!

Dinah was Leah's seventh child, but unlike her brothers, the rationale behind her name is not given in the Genesis text.  The naming of the six brothers preceding her show evidence of Leah's creative thought processes, but in Dinah, the work of naming is concealed, for it simply says she called her daughter Dinah.  Later when Dinah is violated, the brothers ask an interesting question, "Should our sister be treated as a harlot?" 

Twice in the heart of the Torah, Leviticus 19, keeping Shabbat is mentioned, first in the context of honoring one's mother and father, and second in the context of not degrading one's daughter in order to make her a harlot.  The first context, honoring one's mother and father is a reverse of the first giving of the Ten Commandments, which enjoins honoring one's father and mother.  The heart of the Torah sets the mother first, equalizing the relationship and the importance of a child learning reverence for Shabbat by honoring the role of both parents equally.

The second context enjoins the prohibition against degrading a daughter in Israel along with the need for keeping Shabbat and reverencing the sanctuary.  By viewing a daughter as a precious person, not a commodity, the reverse is true:  parents learn reverence for the sanctuary, and therefore they reverence Shabbat, which is characterized by Yirat Adonai (Reverence of Adonai), the Seventh Spirit of Adonai. 

Merchandising women was the rule rather than the exception in ancient times, whether for arranged marriages to bring prosperity to the family or selling a daughter into prostitution.  Neither practice recognized a woman as anything more than merchandise, which fits nicely into the economic system of the beast.

In the Messianic Kingdom that is all Shabbat, however, there is no room for such a use of a woman's ruach (spirit), nefesh (soul), or guf (body).  She is a precious person, more valuable than pearls, not as a medium of exchange, but as part of the crown of Shabbat.  The beast's economic system that degrades daughters into harlotry will fall, fall. 

In Jewish tradition, Shabbat is special for women, and even the Shabbat Divine Presence is likened to a Queen entering the home.  So did Leah give birth to six children or seven?  Which child was the crown of Leah's creative efforts with sons?  Sukkot, which parallels Shabbat, renders the practical application of the judgments of Yom HaKippurim, the Preparation Day for Sukkot.

In Dinah, the feminine form of judgment is rendered, not the male form of Dan, who is missing from the tribal list in Revelation.  Harsh judgment has been rendered upon the Harlot, the Beast, and the Serpent in Revelation, but Dinah is restored in the righteous who do not have the mark of the beast, but the Seven Seals of Shabbat and Sukkot.  They have not regarded the daughter as a harlot, but protected their Sister, the righteous judgments of the Torah in kindness and mercy, and therefore they have learned to reverence the Sanctuary of Elohim.

The chronological progression of honor from father first to mother first signals a shift to the emphasis on the mother so that the promise to Sarah, who was one with Abraham (Isaiah 51:2) when he was called, could be fulfilled.  Sarah was to be the mother of many nations, not the Harlot, the mother of abominations of the earth. 

The daughters of Israel are loved, the Shabbat is cherished and protected in each home, and those who dwell in Israel no longer buy and sell on Shabbat.  The gates are not closed day or night in the Lamb's Holy City, for the kings of the earth come in only to bring their glory to the Holy One and the holiness of Shabbat, not to merchandise the souls of men and women.

Shabbat is once again a safe place, for there is no sun or moon to light it.  Like every other Shabbat, the light comes from within the prepared homes, just as the Adonai and the Lamb are the Light of the House where He dwells.  The Torah is a light and the mitzvah is a lamp.  Engage the Ruach and letter of the Torah in its commandments, and one day there will be no need to light Shabbat candles, for those within the House will light it up like the day, just as the Israelites had supernatural light in all their dwellings while the Egyptians lived in thick darkness.

Like this excerpt from Vaetchanan in Creation Gospel Workbook Five Vol 5?  You can order it on amazon.com along with Workbook Six, which gives greater detail on the mark of the beast.

 on: August 05, 2017, 04:24:00 PM 
Started by James1:27 - Last post by James1:27
A sign?  Grin

Double Rainbow over White House - 8/03/17
Published on Aug 5, 2017
On 8/03/17 a double rainbow appeared over the White House. Here's what it could have meant.

 on: August 05, 2017, 12:15:40 PM 
Started by James1:27 - Last post by dumbrod
Transgender mentally ill people should be sterilized...

 on: August 04, 2017, 10:35:14 PM 
Started by James1:27 - Last post by James1:27
‘Transgender man’ gives birth to baby boy in Portland
Jul 31, 2017
A transgender man and his husband recently welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family in Portland, Oregon.

 on: August 03, 2017, 06:10:50 AM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters
Pam Carr Mccall
4 hrs ·
Not only were the children of Israel to avoid marriage with strangers, they were to avoid marrying outside of their tribe.
Did it happen anyway? Yes.
Was it pleasing to Jehovah? No.
Each tribe was to marry within their own tribe for the purpose of maintaining their tribes land rights in the Land of Israel.
Each tribe had designated land within the land, but Abraham had actually been promised not only a single nation, but a multitude of nations. Later, Isaac received that promise, and then the promise was given to Jacob.
When Jacob was dying, he spoke that blessing to Ephraim.
As the years went by, the "promised land" had specific places for each tribe, but much later, when the 10 tribes of Israel were scattered, they,through the blessing spoken to Ephraim began to become a multitude of nations. They scattered from place to place. One tribe dominating one nation, and another tribe, another nation. Eventually, they began to be a commonwealth of nations.
These ten tribes moved a lot. one place, then another.
Eventually, many of each tribe settled in one land, and my guess is that the tribes began to mingle, but GOD says that in the end of days, He will know which tribe each one will belong to. Our DNA will speak, and He will place us in our own designated place once again.
The below verses show how the tribes were to marry within their tribe, but now, these tribes do not know exactly which tribe they belong to, in fact, most do not even know they are of the DNA line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
We have gone from a people who knew their tribal status, to a people who are considered "Lost Sheep" on every hill...wandering without a shepherd.
BUT, the true shepherd of the sheep will call us by our tribal name, and we will hear His voice.
Num 36:1 And the chief fathers of the families of the children of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, of the families of the sons of Joseph, came near, and spake before Moses, and before the princes, the chief fathers of the children of Israel:
Num 36:2 And they said, The LORD commanded my lord to give the land for an inheritance by lot to the children of Israel: and my lord was commanded by the LORD to give the inheritance of Zelophehad our brother unto his daughters.
Num 36:3 And if they be married to any of the sons of the other tribes of the children of Israel, then shall their inheritance be taken from the inheritance of our fathers, and shall be put to the inheritance of the tribe whereunto they are received: so shall it be taken from the lot of our inheritance.
Num 36:4 And when the jubile of the children of Israel shall be, then shall their inheritance be put unto the inheritance of the tribe whereunto they are received: so shall their inheritance be taken away from the inheritance of the tribe of our fathers.
Num 36:5 And Moses commanded the children of Israel according to the word of the LORD, saying, The tribe of the sons of Joseph hath said well.
Num 36:6 This is the thing which the LORD doth command concerning the daughters of Zelophehad, saying, Let them marry to whom they think best; only to the family of the tribe of their father shall they marry.
Num 36:7 So shall not the inheritance of the children of Israel remove from tribe to tribe: for every one of the children of Israel shall keep himself to the inheritance of the tribe of his fathers.
Num 36:8 And every daughter, that possesseth an inheritance in any tribe of the children of Israel, shall be wife unto one of the family of the tribe of her father, that the children of Israel may enjoy every man the inheritance of his fathers.
Num 36:9 Neither shall the inheritance remove from one tribe to another tribe; but every one of the tribes of the children of Israel shall keep himself to his own inheritance.
Num 36:10 Even as the LORD commanded Moses, so did the daughters of Zelophehad:

 on: July 30, 2017, 10:20:48 PM 
Started by Masters - Last post by Masters
Rico Cortes
32 mins ·
I am currently going over all the verses and historical context of Zion and its context in the bible. Oh boy, I wonder how difficult is for the reader to know that the people, the temple, the city of David, the city of Jerusalem, Zion were also an idiom for kingship, the nation is also known as Zion.
how can anyone just think that Zion is only in relation to the city of David?
Did you know? the temple mount is also called the ZION and it deals with the temple?

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